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Next Step Counseling

Next Step Counseling is an outpatient mental health facility that offers a variety of services including Individual, group and family therapy.

Services are designed to enhance Social Emotional Learning (SEL), process through traumatic events and support families

Through engagement in a supportive and therapeutic environment clients can learn, practice and enhance their skills in self and social awareness, emotional regulation, self-regulation, problem solving, coping with difficult events as well as build and maintain relationships.

What we can assist with:

Treatment Modalities:

Play Therapy

Benefits of Play Therapy:   

Child Center play Therapy

CCPT is based on 10 tenets which form the backbone of this philosophy and way of relating to children. These tenets are as follows:

So what is the purpose behind child-centered play therapy? Landreth, the founder of CCPT, set out 6 objectives for Child-Centered Play Therapy, which I have listed below. Ultimately, CCPT is looking to help the child become more self-reliant, more accepting of themselves, better problem solvers and better able to assume responsibility for their own behaviors. This can be simply stated as to: return the child to acting and responding in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Child Parent Relationship Therapy