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Play Therapy/ Social Skills

Services are designed to enhance Social Emotional Learning (SEL), process through traumatic events and support families

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Treatment Modalities:

Play Therapy

Benefits of Play Therapy:   

Therapeutic Powers of Play

Child Center play Therapy

CCPT is based on 10 tenets which form the backbone of this philosophy and way of relating to children. These tenets are as follows:

So what is the purpose behind child-centered play therapy? Landreth, the founder of CCPT, set out 6 objectives for Child-Centered Play Therapy, which I have listed below. Ultimately, CCPT is looking to help the child become more self-reliant, more accepting of themselves, better problem solvers and better able to assume responsibility for their own behaviors. This can be simply stated as to: return the child to acting and responding in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Child Parent Relationship Therapy